Slice of Life Day 28

Cake Decorating

     Today we went to a cake-decorating place and decorated cakes. My sister, dad and I go there a lot on breaks and long weekends. This time, it proved to be messier than I remembered. We were supplied with aprons, and it was a good thing too, since it caught all of the globs of frosting that missed my cake. Which ended up being most of the frosting. 
     My cake was chocolate flavored. I decorated the sides with some rainbow frosting globs that overlapped each other. I smeared each with a spoon before overlapping it with the next. Although this isn't my cake since I forgot to take a picture, here is the effect it created:

     I personally thought it ended up looking pretty good. On the top, I used a cool frosting tip to make a cloud texture. I practiced making a unicorn with fondant and smushing it back into a blob a few times before making the final product. The head was a bit too big for the body and one of the back legs didn't stay very well, so I made it sitting down. It was a wise decision. The final product actually looked okay.
     I wasted a lot of time trying to choose a candy to add to the top of the cake but finally decided on some pink candy-coated chocolate balls. My decision was mostly dependent on the fact that they were pink and tasted amazing. 

Thanks for reading my post! There will only be three more, which is kind of weird to think about. Well anyways, I will make sure to post those last three slices! Happy slicing!


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