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Slice of Life Day 28

Cake Decorating
     Today we went to a cake-decorating place and decorated cakes. My sister, dad and I go there a lot on breaks and long weekends. This time, it proved to be messier than I remembered. We were supplied with aprons, and it was a good thing too, since it caught all of the globs of frosting that missed my cake. Which ended up being most of the frosting.       My cake was chocolate flavored. I decorated the sides with some rainbow frosting globs that overlapped each other. I smeared each with a spoon before overlapping it with the next. Although this isn't my cake since I forgot to take a picture, here is the effect it created:
     I personally thought it ended up looking pretty good. On the top, I used a cool frosting tip to make a cloud texture. I practiced making a unicorn with fondant and smushing it back into a blob a few times before making the final product. The head was a bit too big for the body and one of the back legs didn't stay very well, so I made i…

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